Welcome to the Your Arms! Blog

Hello and welcome to the newly revamped Your Arms! blog. After a few months of real-life activity it felt like the online resource for the project needed a unseasonal Spring clean, so please feel free to spend some time exploring the nooks and crannies of this website.

The rest of the material from Your Arms! activity has been compartmentalised neatly into distinct chronological phases, please use the links below to visit them.

"Your Arms!" at Bradford Mela, June 2008

"Your Arms!" at Saltaire Festival, September 2007

"Bring Us Your Arms! Bradford" STIR festival, July 2007

"Bring us Your Arms! Leeds" Holbeck, May 2007

"Your Arms!" take Leeds and Bradford to Italy and Greece, Feb 2007

"Bring us Your Arms! Biella" Italy, Oct 2006

Thank you for visiting, we make an attempt to update the site regularly. We welcome your feedback and input, please get in touch.
e: bringusyourarms@yahoo.co.uk

grazie mille,

Andy and Yvonne.